Primero Car, Truck & Horse Wash

Pet Wash

Fully equipped and secure pet wash for dogs and horses

Truck, Trailer & RV Wash

Bay is 96 feet long with two  stations and has a door height of 14 feet. Wash farm equipment, construction vehicles, ATVs, and off-road vehicles (no where else in town allows them)

Car & SUV Wash

Six self serve bays and worlds fastest automatic touchless wash for all your dirty vehicles


Open 24/7 (Coming Soon!)

Ask about our client card for round the clock access. Car wash access available 8:00 am – 8:00 pm, Monday – Friday, and 8:00 am – 6:00 pm on Saturday – Sunday without access card.


Worlds First Horse Wash

Give your equine friend a bubble bath to scrub away the mud and dust. Ask for more information in store.


Fastest Touchless Wash in Town

Get in and get out with our super fast touchless wash

person washing brown purebred horse outdoors

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Client Testimonials

“The car wash was amazing ! Took off all the dried bugs, road grime and tree sap, and the wax job left my 22 years old pickup looking 15 years younger. I’ll be back ”
Gord Blair

“We took our dogs in to the horse wash today. It was perfect for us and way more affordable! We will definitely be back!”

Kristen Janzen

“The horse wash bay is amazing! Used it on 5 dogs today. Staff was very friendly and helpful during our visit. Highly recommend you check this place out.”
Anna Garcia

“Went into get a carwash, as usual the staff were awesome towards me. I went to pay using my debit card but for some reason it wasn’t working. The owner decides to give me a $10 carwash and just tells me to get him next time. That is awesome and I don’t think many business owners would do that, especially me being a 17 old kid. They also have the best pressure in town and the soap sprays like a foam cannon.”
Ethan M

“Best car wash in town. Friendly and helpful staff and it was very clean. Washed my car then took my dog into the horse wash and it was super easy. My dog gets very nervous and scared being washed so it was nice to have the open space for her and easy for me to wash her in.
The staff was so great, showed me around and how to use everything. Just overall and amazing experience!”
Krystle Anderson

“A novel idea for a car wash; owner thanked me for bringing in my very dirty truck and quad after my recent hunting trip. I made a mess of his bay, and he was just fine with it. I’ll be a loyal customer going forward.”

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